After working year round on Christmas items for work, the last thing you would think I would do is create christmas items on my free time. But that is exactly what happened last year. 

My limitation was to create an obvious christmas card, but not to use the traditional Christmas colors. I decided upon our three favorite colors, which is used to represent each character. Then to add a bit more of each of our personalities on the beanies. 

These were sent out to our friends digitally and then arranged in different layouts to be used as wall papers on tablets, phones, and computers.
Chris with his blue outfit and beanie featuring tape reels showing off his love for music and sound engenieering.
Heather with her purple outfit and beanie featuring the deathly hallows symbol showing off her love for Harry Potter and all together geekiness.
Julia with her pink outfit and beanie featuring cats and birds showing off her love and connection with animals.
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