Too Good Gourmet's Winter Wonderland collection was a beautiful selection to work on. Being able to bring in more of my illustration skills to the table. Mug sets are an anual thing at Too Good Gourmet so it was an honor to finally be able to work on one. This was to bring you too a "winter wonderland" in essence. From the magical seriene forest filled with reindeers, to the traveling roadtrip in the woods. 
Deer Mugset front and back
Original drawing for the mug. This was later reversed as I realized that opening was on the other side of the mug.
Final artwork on the mug
Car mugset front and back
Original artwork for the car mug.
More trees and a snowman was added in the coloring process. It felt to empty with just trees, and I wanted the customer to have something enjoyable to look at on all sides of the mug.
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